SDGs for Well-being
Challenges by educational welfare studies in Japan
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For example, poverty is linked to academic achievement, truancy at school is linked to sexual minorities, child abuse is linked to parents' upbringing environment, and all other issues are linked not to individual problems but to the social structure and circumstances surrounding the individual. Moreover, the factors are intertwined and do not exist independently. To confront these complex issues, it is necessary to mobilize knowledge from various disciplines in an interdisciplinary manner to solve these problems. This book has been edited to provide solutions to these problems by bringing together the best knowledge from a variety of academic disciplines while relating the challenges of achieving the SDGs to everyday society so that no one will be left behind. In particular, it is written from the diverse perspectives of social welfare, childcare, education, sociology, health science, human rights, and gender studies, which constitute the new academic field of Social Welfare and Education studies, and pursue the dignity of each person's life and development on a continuum through the period from birth to old age.